Sativa Marijuana Clones

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Step 1:  Get Pre-Verified

Unlike buying cannabis seeds, sativa marijuana clones are only available to medical marijuana patients with current Physician Statements. Feel free to browse our Strain Menu; however, before any order your patient information must be submitted using our Pre-Verification Form. A representative will call or email you when your patient status has been approved.

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Step 2: Choose Strains

Often patients call to place orders without knowing what strains they want. Everything we grow is worth cultivating and all of our members have conditions that require different medication. We don't recommend judging any particular strain from prior harvests. All of our sativa marijuana clones are authentic genetics cut from mother plants grown from seeds.

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Headband Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  9 - 10 Weeks
Pheno: 70 Sativa / 30 Indica

This Sativa dominant strain is for intermediate to advanced growers. When cultivated properly...

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Sour Diesel


Sour Diesel Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  9 Weeks
Pheno: 75 Sativa / 25 Indica

This east coast Sativa strain well known for its odor while growing and smoking, emits sour...

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Trainwreck Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  10 Weeks
Pheno: 80 Sativa / 20 Indica

Another popular Sativa strain, its popularity is amongst most California collectives as well...

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White Widow


White Widow Marijuana Clones
Flowering:  11 - 12 Weeks
Pheno: 90 Sativa / 10 Sativa

Known for its extremely large amount of resin and trichomes, this high potent strain has...

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