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Clones.  Our growers follow a very simple cultivation process. Depending on the strain, marijuana clones take approximately 10 - 14 days to root well. Each new tray is labeled with a date and monitored until roots emerge and clones pass a light "tug test". Our simple method ensures patients always receive properly rooted marijuana clones. All marijuana clones are rooted into Rapid Rooter plugs and are approximately 3" - 5" tall.


Teens.  Clones with excessively long roots require additional water & nutrients and are more susceptible to transplant shock in soil. To avoid any problems, our mature clones are transplanted into 4" Grodan rockwool cubes and offered to patients as pre-teens. Pre-teens are grown under Metal Hallide (MH) lamps for a full 2 weeks with a light solution of House & Garden Dutch nutrients and grow to become approximately 8" - 18" tall.

Are you new to growing marijuana?

Exchanges.  Have confidence each harvest; your order is backed by an Exchange Policy if you have issues with your new garden. To avoid any confusion, we replace plants on a case-by-case because many new growers do not take the necessary time to have an understanding of basic growing fundamentals. Take a preventative approach to growing and tell our staff before ordering if you're new to growing so we can help. We recommend staying away from marijuana blogs or forums with mixed information. Our growers use techniques developed over decades of experience and University research; you'll appreciate the difference.


  To function, roots must have adequate levels of soil oxygen.  Because they are out of sight, roots are often out of mind. They are widely overlooked as to their significance in plant health. Eighty percent of all plant problems start with soil/root problems.  

- Colorado Master Gardener Program, Certificate Training - Dec 2011 Garden Notes #132 

Roots.  Through the years we routinely see new patients over water marijuana plants. Marijuana clones & pre-teens do not need much water (if any) during transplant because each Rapid Rooter plug and Grodan rockwool cube is given to patients with the ideal moisture content. If you feel compelled to water your marijuana plants the day you receive them, use a spray bottle with filtered water. Young plants do not require any nutrients the first week; however, if you feel compelled to feed your marijuana plants, use a light quarter solution. Experienced growers learn quickly there's no rush to force baby plants into a mature plant regime or environment.

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Purple Haze Purple Kush
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