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Our collective offers verified marijuana clones for sale online to medical marijuana patients throughout Las Vegas.

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In order for our collective to comply with NRS 453A and NVMMP, your patient identification is required to buy marijuana clones online.

Having your patient status verified is simple. Fill out our Pre-Verification form to get started today.

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To expedite ordering marijuana clones for sale, spend the time necessary to decide which strains you want to cultivate prior to placing any phone orders.

Review our Strain Menu and research each type of cannabis further online to avoid delays.

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In order to process so many requests, we allow medical marijuana patients to reserve specific cannabis strains by making donations online.

We accept cash donation as well; however, a small fee will be applied to support our drivers.

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Authenticity Verified

Our Strainbank is the only collective in Nevada offering verified genetics; most of which were tested by BioGenetics Lab (BGL) in Los Angeles. Unlike testing the potency of marijuana (flowers), testing clones (genetics) involves DNA profiling seed samples. We have invested in this process to identify and grade the "purity" of cannabis genotypes; the most potent phenotypes are preserved.

Recognition of Excellence

The results of our recent submission can be viewed online at anytime by visiting BGL's website, click here, and using the code eclones2012. The Las Vegas Strainbank is proud to have received an A+ rating and "Recognition of Excellence" certification for providing medical grade, laboratory tested Las Vegas clones for sale. Serious growers do not settle for less; pre-verify to get started.

Member Rewards Program

The reason our collective makes a huge effort to provide authentic genetics and friendly service is we routinely have patients return each harvest looking for new genetics or simply wanting the same consistent, high yielding strains. We want to thank those members by offering an all new Member Rewards Program. For a limited time only, the Las Vegas Strainbank will be offering free marijuana clones to qualifying patients with their next order.

How do I qualify to receive free marijuana clones?

We're making it as simple as a single phone call. Dial 858 215 BANK (2265) and leave a message describing your experience buying marijuana clones online. Patients want to hear your recommendations and feedback.

Our goal is to give new members an opportunity to hear real reviews and comments. Our staff receives many thoughtful, heartwarming messages and now those same patients can anonymously review the Las Vegas Strainbank giving our website visitors an innovative and authentic testimonial platform.

After leaving a message, collective management will follow up with each patient within 24 hours. We value privacy and discretion; no patient information is required to qualify.

What do medical marijuana patients receive?

 Tradition.  The Las Vegas Strainbank offers authenticity verified marijuana plants to patients in Las Vegas for less than the cost of cannabis seeds. We purchase seeds from various international breeders represented by Attitude Seedbank and flower verify the most desired cannabis strains available. Each strain is added to our Strain Menu only after the most desired phenotypes are identified and preserved.

 Value.  Don't unnecessarily risk money or time growing marijuana clones from illegitimate sources, such as Craigslist or Weedmaps, to save a few dollars. Anyone can post ads online or pay to advertise; dedicated patients research marijuana clones online to find the best, verifiable cannabis genetics.

 Experience.  The flowering results of our verification process are provided on our website to help patients have a clear idea of what our marijuana clones will resemble if cultivated correctly. The yield from each harvest varies with growing conditions. Patients are invited to send us photos if help is needed after any order.

Indica Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Blueberry

Indica Marijuana Clones
Relaxation & Serenity
High CBD Content
Treats Body Conditions
Night Medication

Indica Strain Menu →

Sativa Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Trainwreck

Sativa Marijuana Clones
Uplifting & Energetic
High THC Content
Treats Cerebral Ailments
Day Medication

Sativa Strain Menu →

Hybrid Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Master Kush

Hybrid Marijuana Clones
We breed tested SoCal strains with reputable Seedbank genetics ensuring
the most authentic hybrid
marijuana clones for sale online.

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Purple Strain Cannabis Clones

Top Seller - Purple Haze

Purple Marijuana Clones
These strains are for advanced
growers looking to cultivate
the highest quality cannabis
for medical marijuana patients.

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  The illegality of cannabis is outrageous, an impediment to full utilization of a drug which helps produce the serenity and insight, sensitivity and fellowship so desperately needed in this increasingly mad and dangerous world.  

- Carl Sagan, Pulitzer Prize 1978