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Instructions to Buy Marijuana Clones Online.
 Strain Menu.  The questions we most often get are, "Do you have this...[strain]?" or "What strains do you have?". Please bear with us as our inventory changes frequently, call us for details. Strains we have that are not on this page are either (1) under a flowering authentication process or (2) being developed "in-house" to ensure it's authenticity.

Clones are 6" - 8" tall, rooted in Rapid Rooter plugs & "transplant ready" into soil, rockwool, hydrotin or coco peat.

 Teens.  Many growers want to save time and nutrients by starting each garden with marijuana teens; however, patients often neglect the considerably large, up-front costs associated with transplanting dozens of clones into larger growing mediums and the nutrients required of young plants. Limited availability, call us for details.

Teens are 10" - 14" tall, transplanted & rooted into 4" rockwool cubes for two weeks under metal hallied (MH) lamps.

 Clone Donations.
 › › 6 Min (No Exceptions)
 › › 6 - 23 clones → $20/ea
 › › 24 - 42 clones → $18/ea

 Teen Donations.
 › › 4 Min (No Exceptions)
 › › 4 - 5 → $40/ea
 › › 6 - 24 → $35/ea

 New Members.  Many patients have wrongfully received illegitimate genetics from other growers in the past and do not want to commit to their normal size order before at least having one great harvest with eClones. For this reason, all new members & first time orders exceeding 24 Colorado clones or 12 teens will receive a 5% discount or free delivery!

Indica 25 / Sativa 75
Flowering: 56-60 days

BC Big Bud
Indica 65 / Sativa 35
Flowering: 50-54 days

Blue Dream
Indica 60 / Sativa 40
Flowering: 60-64 days

Purple Kush
Indica 90 / Sativa 10
Flowering: 56-61 days

Indica 60 / Sativa 40
Flowering: 64-68 days

White Widow
Indica 10 / Sativa 90
Flowering: 57-61 days

 Email Orders.  Every order is different and for this reason, members find it easy to simply call or email us to place an order. All donations vary and eClones provides additional discounts for the disabled and veterans.

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