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Buy Colorado Marijuana Clones For Sale.
 History.  eClones is a San Diego based collective maintaining pre '93 cannabis genetics and developing hybrid strains for Colorado Medical Marijuana Program ID holders.

 Experience.  If you think growing marijuana is easy or will make you rich, wake up from that dream! If anything, patients more than likely are driven back toward regular employment. The only real reasons anyone should attempt to grow marijuana is to (1) reduce the costs of expensive medication, (2) provide for oneself safe, organic medication; and (3) create partial income as a caretaker for other local Colorado patients.

With so many people growing, the expected quality of cannabis genetics available to most patients in Colorado has been largely diminished due to rampant crossing of varying strains.

In the Spring of 2009, we've provided the genetics we've developed by offering medical marijuana clones for sale in Denver, Jefferson, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Adams, Araphoe, Lakewood, Thornton, Westminster, Arvada, Highlands Ranch, Pueblo and Boulder.

 Dedication.  Can you guess what happens when 3 longtime marijuana growers dedicate themselves to cultivating clones only? You get some bad ass clones and access to genetics otherwise unavailable to most patients; we are a not-for-profit StrainBank providing a "patients helping patients" service.

eClones took a large risk providing our longtime coveted cannabis strains; however, with great risk, come great reward. We have become the only provider of authentic clones in Colorado. Everyone says that right? Search for Colorado marijuana clones online and see for yourself.

Of course some people post free ads on Craigslist or BudTrader and support publicly traded corporations like WeedMaps with paid, monthly directory listings; but do they really count?

 Service.  Providing San Diego clones for 60% less than the price of feminized seeds is something we pride ourselves. Our collective assists so many 1st time growers, therefore, our clones are only given to patients after a clearly visible, healthy root system has grown (see above actual photo). This assures patients have 100% success with each clone reaching adulthood.

 Misconceptions.  Many patients think if they purchase Cannabis Cup winning genetics the plant they grow will yield flowers that should win any local cannabis contest too. That's the misconception! Here's the truth, an amateur grower can take a high THC content strain like White Widow and the plant may yield crap; even though the strain has been tested to have 18% - 22% THC content. For this reason, outdoor flowers have approximately 1/2 the value of indoor, even if both originate from the same genetics and mother.

An experienced grower can start with random bag seeds and end up with medicine just as potent as what's found at most medical marijuana dispensaries. Acquiring authentic genetics is just the first step and hardly considered half the battle. All marijuana growers must be dedicated, knowledgeable and meticulous with their garden to cultivate top-shelf, medical grade marijuana.

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