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Easing of state marijuana laws can complicate parents’ “drug talk” with their kids

Michael Jolton, a Colorado man who is also a father of three, can recall back in 2000 when medical marijuana was first legalized in his state and his first son was just five years old.

Jolton explains how he did not talk to his oldest son about marijuana once he turned eight years old, that they got to talk about “fun stuff”. However, now with green-leafed marijuana ads and “free joint” promotions every he looks, he feels that it is necessary to talk to his youngest son about marijuana who is now at that same age.

Marijuana opponents like Jolton complain that parent-child conversations about pot have become extraordinarily complicated due to more and more states considering legalization for medical use, because it has created a perception among kids that “this is no big deal”.

In this particular circumstance they are actually correct, legalization would result in minors perceiving marijuana to be less important. Part of the reason many young people try marijuana has nothing to do with illness, it is because it is forbidden by society which makes it cool for them do it simply since they are not supposed to. Legalization would also actually make the parent-child talks easier and not more complicated, since it is accepted more in open society rather than being looked at as a drug that turns people into crazy murderers.

This is just another case where marijuana opponents that have their own hidden agendas are using irrelevant, false, and at times, counteractive arguments to support continuing prohibition of medical marijuana.

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Should veterans with PTSD use medical marijuana?

One condition faced by thousands in this country that many believe medical marijuana can greatly help is post traumatic stress disorder, or otherwise known as PTSD. However, there are others that maintain the belief that medical marijuana isn’t the right way to go.

PTSD is defined as a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to a specific event that results in psychological trauma. Those that are diagnosed suffer from many ailments such as sleep deprivation, nightmares, anger, and anxiety.

These issues have long been found to be relieved by or completely cured by the use of medical marijuana, however there are still those who only see it as a “quick fix”. Some psychiatrists believe there are better options out there to treat PTSD, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, psychotherapy, or certain medications that been closely studied.

The bottom line is that this disorder is very serious and those who suffer from it deserve to have the choice of means by which they seek their medication. Since not all people are the same, it should not be expected that all people will respond exactly the same to one single line of treatment.

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