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Suspects in medical marijuana clinic robbery crash truck after chase

Two men who allegedly robbed a medical marijuana clinic in Woodland Hills were arrested early Wednesday after crashing their truck into a building in South Los Angeles while in pursuit, officials reported.

LAPD responded to a burglary call at around 4:30 a.m. at a marijuana dispensary in the 19650 block of Ventura Boulevard, according to authorities.

A security guard reported seeing two suspects on the roof before entering the business, and then were seen carrying bags before they fled around 4:35 a.m. in a silver Ford pick up truck. After officers failed to stop them, a vehicle pursuit began from Ventura Boulevard to the 405 Freeway south, exiting on Manchester Boulevard.

About 15 minutes after the chase began, the suspects crashed into a building on 84th Place and West Boulevard, with one of the suspects taken into custody moments after the crash. A perimeter search was set up for the second suspect, who was eventually located by a police dog.

Here is more mayhem caused by a once harmless plant, and Obama must be loving it. Instead of police officers using our tax dollars to catch murderers and rapists, they are setting up marijuana car chases to promote their cause while endangering the public.

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Letter prompts marijuana shops to close

Three medical marijuana dispensaries in the Wenatchee area of Washington state have closed down after federal prosecutors sent a letter to the businesses’ landlords.

The letter sent by Eastern Washington U.S. Attorney Michael Ormsby threatened to seize the properties and also threatened to fine or imprison the landlords if they did not abide by closing down their shops within the next few weeks.

Eric Cooper, one of the store operators, says the letters prompted three existing shops to close immediately and that the fourth shop in the area staying open a short while longer but intends to close in the near future.

It is appreciated that these articles tell us the names of the attorneys which are helping take away peoples’ medication, and ultimately ruining their lives, so that those victimized by them can remember them for future reasons. However, it should also be noted that these different attorneys are simply pawns in a much bigger game.

It has become quite obvious that President Obama has absolutely no intention of sticking to his word prior to being elected by ending the war on drugs, more specifically, medical marijuana. State by state the feds have come in and ordered each and every shop offering affordable meds to patients to shut down immediately despite them adhering to all local and state laws. The real reason the government is against any use of marijuana in general is that they are making trillions of dollars from the pharmaceutical industry, as well as tobacco and alcohol, which are all industries that would be greatly affected by the legalization of marijuana.

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