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Israeli plantation grows no-high marijuana as a medicine to ease pain

Researchers in Israel have claimed they can grow marijuana that are capable of easing the symptoms of some ailments without getting patients high.

Cannabis has more than 60 constituents called cannabinoids, with the most known being THC for its psychoactive properties that give users a “high” feeling.

However, cannabis also contains cannabidiol, or CBD, which according to researchers has anti-inflammatory benefits and unlike THC it hardly binds to the brain’s receptors and can therefore working without making the patients feel stoned.

Tikun Olam began researching CBD-enhanced cannabis in 2009 and about six months ago came up with a strain called Avidekel, which contains 15.8 percent CBD but only traces – less than 1 percent – of THC.

Although recereational marijuana is illegal in Israel, medicinal use has been permitted since 1993 and is now used to treat 9,000 people there suffering from illnesses such as cancer, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, and post-traumatic disorder.

According to several patients, the strain Avidekel is a huge advantage because users can smoke during the day and function with a lot less pain without losing the ability to focus, work, or drive. Before patients would only smoke at the end of the day and have to stay in pain all day, but now with these newly developed strains many peoples lives are much better.

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Strain of the Week: Master Kush

A cross between OG Kush and Skunk #1, Master Kush falls into one of the most potent, effective forms of hybrid strain.

Rated grade ‘A’ for potency, Master Kush nugs have an orange, citrus appearance, scent, and taste. The orange hair covering the entire nug is a key trait for this strain, along with its piney kush smell.

Indica dominant strains as such are recommended for night time use, sleep aid and general pain management. Patients have reported a mellow relaxation effect, in addition to mild sativa effects for concentration, and anti anxiety relief.

The OG and Skunk cross provides a high yielding, disease resistant strains that serve as a baseline for many of the great hybrids produced. The compatible nature coupled with beautiful flowering process makes Master Kush one of the top choice for beginner to advanced cultivators.

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