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The Importance of Marijuana Strain Variance In Clones

Marijuana plant clones provide medical marijuana patients with a hassle free way to begin growing from home. Better yet, it allows the patient to grow a specific strain of marijuana and do so within less time than it takes to grow a seedling.

Growing marijuana plants from seeds typically requires a germination stage, which means even more equipment and time needed for the grow. Instead, marijuana plant clones offer a viable alternative. Marijuana clones are ready-for-purchase plants that are well past the germination stage. These plants are at the ideal stage to begin growing and it reduces grow times by 30-60% in most cases.

Why strain yourself over germinating seeds, with the majority of them never amounting to actual plants and becoming a major waste of money? Marijuana clones are grown from seeds of specific strains and they are ready to be planted. There’s no delay in waiting for the seeds to germinate and sprout, which makes medical marijuana patients happy campers.

Strain variance provides differing THC and CBD amounts.

Marijuana strain variance is very important in clones, as often times patients purchase the clones in order to grow a specific strain of marijuana. Sellers are well aware of this and provide a variety of strains among their cloned plants. Some of these strains being the most popular like blackberry kush, afghani, grandaddy purp, OG kush, purple kush and more.
These clones are derived from seeds of a specific type. The seeds can be of type indica, sativa or a hybrid mixture. Indica seeds are popular among patients looking for marijuana with low THC and high CBD amounts. These are the two primary chemicals in marijuana that act upon cannabinoid receptors in the brain. Marijuana strains with low THC and high CBD typically provide a calming effect and have been used to treat anxiety, seizures and more. However, medical marijuana strains with high THC and low CBD are considered stronger and more likely to produce a significant psychoactive effect, and can actually cause anxiety and paranoia. This is what makes marijuana strains and the differing chemical components within them so important.

Strain variance provides different yields.

Clones can produce different yields for the grower and it’s largely dependent on the strain. Some strains grow in excess, while others have smaller yields. The amount of medical marijuana a grower is able to produce will be affected by the strain and it’s something to take into consideration during the buying process. Patients that plan to produce enough product to last for an entire season will need to choose their strain cautiously.

Strain variance determines grow difficulty.

Some strains are harder to grow than others and if you are just starting out, it’s better to use a strain that’s known for being easy to grow. Starting out with an advanced difficulty strain would only put a burden on you and add stress to the grow process. Using an easy to grow strain will allow for higher yields and better results. The quality of the grow can be affected by the strain and many growers are all too familiar with this and have had their grow ruined by lack of experience and a difficult to grow strain.

Strain variance affects smell, look and taste.

Almost every marijuana strain will look different from another. The strain affects the aesthetics of the plant, its smell and its taste when ingested or smoked. As a medical marijuana patient, it’s important to consider what type of product you are looking for once your grow is complete. Some strains have very vibrant colors like orange, purple, white and black within them, while others are mostly green. Similarly, different strains can have vastly different smells, some of them preferable and some of them not.

Dylan is a writer for the Green Wellness and Green Health groups, located in Washington and Florida respectively and responsible for scheduling patient evaluations with doctors for medical marijuana cards.

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